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6 June 2019 | Recipe ideas

“Green juice » is a drink 100% composed by raw fruits and vegetables.
Good for the body and feast for the tast buds, the drink appeared recently in Europe with the popularisation of the raw foodist diet.

More than only a tasty drink, the Green Juice also has a nutricional interest: full of vitamins A, C, E and trace elements, it is a vitality booster, and the perfect drink for detox diets.

La Compagnie des Desserts gives a loyal interpretation of this blend in its new sorbet.

The “green Juice Sorbet” contains green apple, cucumber, fresh parsley, fresh ginger, spinach, nettle and chlorophyll extracts, and a hint of lemon.

Its green coloration will brighten your dishes. This fresh and low-in-sugar sorbet is a Must in a modern and creative cuisine.
It can be use as a starter (for example with a green yogurt) or in a smoothie (for example with bulgarian yogurt and carrott juice).

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