Mont Blanc dessert

Mont Blanc Dessert is the premier boutique purveyor of gourmet ice cream and sorbet for the New York City hotel and restaurant industry.

After working in some of the most prestigious kitchens in Paris, London, and New York, Founder Benoit Gerin could not find ice cream as good as the pastries he was making. So, he decided to start producing his own gourmet ice cream and sorbet. He has since created over 120 exceptional varietes and will even customize flavors upon request.

Sinice 1999, Mont Blanc Dessert has been proudly serving many of New york City’s Finest establishements.

  • Information sheet

    Activity: Ice cream production
    50,000 liters produced in 2016
    120 references of ice cream and sorbets
    5 employees


1999 Year of creation of Mont Blanc Dessert, New York
2012 Move from Mont Blanc to Brooklyn, NY. (about 92m²)
2016 Purchase of Mont-Blanc by Gourmet Parisien inc. (La Compagnie des  Desserts USA).
2017 Expansion of the site in the same building of 75m²
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