Working for better, more responsible food

We are working for better, more responsible food by using sugar and our main ingredients in a virtuous way.

We create sustainable partnerships with committed suppliers: organic, local, etc.
We source our milk for our fresh milk ice creams from a farm at the foot of the Pyrenees.
We have established a long-term relationship with a fruit cooperative in the Rhône Valley, which selects the best fruit for us.

We also educate people about taste.

Sorbets de fruits dans un panier

Prioritising eco-responsible and innovative actions

Eco-responsible and innovative actions are our priority, such as: progressively reducing the plastics used; taking animal welfare into account; acting on the carbon footprint (optimised supply chain, elimination of high-GWP gases, carbon footprint); developing digital to facilitate access to services.

Expérience digitale

Integrating employees into the company’s development

We involve employees in the company’s development through training, participation in the corporate project and ongoing dialogue.

Livre blanc de la Compagnie des Desserts