The journey of a flavour creator

Meeting La Compagnie des Desserts

From its Aude region roots (south west of France) to its first steps in New-York, the ice cream and pastry chef delivers to more than 14000 restaurant professionals in France and around the world.


Once upon a time

Le Glaçon des Corbières

In 1983, Didier and Sylvie Barral, 2 young graduates “crazy about flavours”, bought out Le Glaçon des Corbières.

For the past 20 years, this small traditional ice cream place of 3 poeple was already selling to coffee shops, hotels and restaurants around Carcassonne and Béziers. Didier and Sylvie carried on going with what had been started by keeping the product at the center of their business. They gave it a new name : Pole Sud.

Diaporama Compagnie des Desserts 1985-2002


Development of the company

Manufacturing facilities, logistic and business

True to their professional skills, Sylvie took care of the development and Didier of the sales. It would be impossible to count the number of products that they tested to discover the raw materials that best suited their needs, they strived to produce the highest quality flavours & textures.

We cannot count the amount of work that went into the tasting sessions in order to create the amazing ice creams that you taste today. The ice creams and sorbets were loved by their consumers and the demand is increasing.

From 1985 to 2002, expansions and additional manufacturing facilities boosted the growth of the business. Didier started to develop the business between Toulouse and Montpellier.

Toulouse called ‘the pink city’ inspired him to create the violet ice cream and has become one of the Pole sud classics. The creative partnership with the culinary chefs was born; an NPD area is dedicated to the creation of ice creams on-demand.
Why create a great ice cream if it cannot reach the client in perfect condition?
The logistics then became the key concern of Pole sud which thanks to its own delivery service, started delivering directly to it’s customers.

Finally, Pole Sud developed it’s presence in France and Europe. Starting with Barcelona which is close to the main manufacturing site and soon became an important selling market for the traditional ice cream manufacturer.
Soon after, logistic hubs were created in Paris, London, Madrid and our small white trucks started to drive across France and the rest of Europe.

Logos Gourmet Parisien - La Compagnier des Desserts et Pole Sud


The fusion of Pole Sud and Gourmet Parisien

La Compagnie des Desserts

Pastry being the ally of ice cream on a dessert plate, Pole Sud has been selling and delivering pastries from Gourmet Parisien alongside its own produced ice creams and sorbets. This humble pastry chef located near Paris shares the same values as Didier and Sylvie Barral : flavour, creativity and excellency. Together they will merge their companies to present a complete offer to their clients and become a dessert specialist for restaurants.

Philippe Urraca, portrait et geste (MOF)


The family grows

Philippe Urraca

“Midi-Pyrénées Pâtisserie”, the manufacturing facilities of Philippe Urraca located in Gimont in the Gers (south west of France), joins La Compagnie des desserts. Philippe Urraca, labelled Meilleur Ouvrier de France pastry chef, becomes then the pastry chef and technical director of the group.

New-York, activité de glacier


Conquering the West

Starting out in New-York

Created in New-York in 2014, the american subsidiary group imports a selection of ice creams and pastries from La Compagnie des Desserts for french and american chefs of the Big Apple, who share the values of french gastronomy.

Logos La Croquanterie, Destiny Foods et Mont Blanc desserts


The company grows, the “Savoir-Faire” stays

A growing expertise

La Compagnie des Desserts becomes a collection of several ice cream makers and pastry chefs including:

  • La Croquanterie, manufacturing facilities, baba and cheesecake specialist
  • Mont-Blanc, ice cream maker from Brooklyn in New-York
  • Destiny Foods, specialist maker of British pastries, based in Manchester.

In this expansion context, our main investor and share-owner of CM-CIC changes for Argos Soditic and sees the arrival of 2 new executives :
Philippe Bonny and Emmanuel Aimond.


a Compagnie des Desserts opens up to

New horizons

A new start Louise, the takeaway ice cream concept, with franchise status, a new positioning (1st French-style ice cream parlour), a new look and a new offer.
logo Ice Natur


Purchase of

Ice Natur

manufacturer of ice creams, frozen desserts and pastries near Barcelona.


Opening of “Louise” and “Louise Le Club” branches.

Logo Philippe Faure


Philippe FAUR, Maître Artisan Glacier joins La Compagnie des Desserts.


The “Flor de la Pasión” workshop in Seville joins the group.

To be continued…