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Behind the products of La Compagnie des Desserts there is a talented team of ice cream & pastry professionals who possess a unique savoir-faire.

Ice cream maker

Artisanal ice cream maker since 1983

Our artisan ice creams are produced in our very own factory in the middle of the Corbières region in the south of France, in keeping with artisanal ice cream know-hows and traditions.

2 900 bespoke flavours

This is the variety we offer. We develop unique flavours every year for restaurants asking us to turn their ideas into an original product they can be proud of (prawn, gorgonzola, ale, wafer, etc.).

1 500 ice creams & sorbets recipes per year

Our goal is to create products that represent you and your cuisine. Recipes are made in our NPD kitchen every year, and include flavours with spices, herbs, fruit, spirits and many fine products from all the regions of the world.

Fabricant de 


Pastry Maker

4 production facilities

Every production site of La Compagnie des Desserts has its signature knowledge : From the pure traditional French patisserie to the authentic British desserts

630 patisserie products

Behind the products of La Compagnie des Desserts, there is a team of passionate and experienced ice cream makers and pastry chefs. A recipe book which allows us to meet the needs of our customers.

300 bespoke productions of patisserie

Philippe Urraca, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, supervises every new creation and product development.
Savoir-faire pâtissier

Expert in

Breads, Viennoiseries 

& Minis for catering

La mie des chefs

has selected a range of 85 breads for you, made according to traditional baker’s methods. These bakers are all committed to high standards of quality and consistency.
Thanks to their know-how and their choice of premium raw materials, we can offer you a selection of bread that will satisfy all the different needs and requirements that your bread offer must address.

The expertise on the minis appeared as an evidence. With the multiplication of the consumption moments, the pastries have been declined into minis for gourmet coffee, snacking or catering. Then, naturally, savoury minis came to complete the offer in order to give to caterers the possibility to have a perfectly balanced sweet/savoury offer.

Expert du pain

Expert in

Products ready to decorate

Be it as a support for pastry (macarons, choux or pastry cases), as a pastry ingredient (mousse, cream, Italian meringue) as chocolate or fruit decoration (sauce, coulis), we can help you in all of your dessert creations. We can help create the ready to use products that will be the most practical and innovative and will exceed your expectations.
Savoir-faire pâtissier

Logo Maître Artisan

Glaces Pole Sud

Logo Artisan

La Croquanterie

Our patisseries are produced in our manufacturing facilities by Philippe Urraca, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and our pastry chef.

Carte des ateliers de la Compagnie des Desserts

a collection of

Makers of proximity

The will to ease your dayly activity

Baba au rhum et glace vanilleLézignan-Corbières

Pole Sud, Ice cream maker: artisanal (& on demand) ice cream & sorbet producer.
Pastry chef: baba, shortcrust-based cakes & French toast specialist.

Dome chocolat Gimons

Pastry chef: French patisserie classics specialist.

Mœlleux chocolatRoissy en France

Pastry chef: chocolate mi-cuits, soufflés & bespoke dessert specialist.


Pastry chef: British patisserie specialist. Factory and depot


Ice Natur
Ice cream and frozen dessert making workshop.