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La Compagnie des Desserts
La Compagnie des Desserts is the collection of several ice cream makers, pastry makers and bakers sharing the same strong common ambition : to become the number one dessert supplier for the food service market

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La Compagnie des Desserts guides you through the opening and the management of your ice cream business, be it a corner, a kiosk or a shop.

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Meeting la Compagnie des Desserts

La Compagnie des Desserts makes artisanal ice creams and pastries. Our expertise helps us to find solutions for our food service customers in all the different areas of the market, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality channels.

Our New Product Development teams develop ice cream and pastry ranges made in our own manufacturing facilities, which help give us the competitive edge.

We always have one thing in mind: Making dessert a pleasure!

On-demand artisanal ice creams

The possibilities are limitless

We have over 300 flavours in our catalogue and 1500 bespoke ice cream recipes.

Bergamot, waffle, Maroille, Jack Daniel’s, crayfish, avocado, black truffle from Périgord… these are some examples of ice cream flavours we have developed for our customers. These original flavours allow our clients to customize their menus.