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Our 2024 Collection

With great pleasure, we invite you to discover our 2024 collection of ice creams and pastries designed for the food service market.

This collection features exciting new releases that align with current trends and your expectations!


In the ‘Ice Cream’ collection

Discover new flavors designed for restaurants: Black lemon with Timur Berries, Burrata Pesto, Oyster and Kaffir Lime leaf. For take-away and scooping: the ‘Vacherin’ inspired flavor, Coconut Mango Passion, Caramel Sundae, and more…


In the ‘Pastries’ collection

Original creations for the restaurants:

  • With creations signed by Philippe Urraca, MOF Pastry Chef: Paris-Palermo, Pear Belle-Hélène Macaron, Signature Opera…
  • With creations from our pastry chefs: Absolutely nuts, Salted Caramel Mac’doughnut, Fairy Finger, Cream Puff Tartlet, Giant Baba, Original Tiramisu, Giant Éclair…
  • Creations designed for take-away: Snack bars, Mœlleux, Polenta Cake, Mini Brownie, Mini Lemon Meringue Finger…
  • New macaron flavors: Chocolate coated macaron, Champagne Macaron, and Two Hazelnuts Macaron.


In the ‘Ready to decorate’ collection

  • A new piping bag: sticky rice
  • Savory creations: Mini sun-dried vegetable tatins, Tomato Thyme shortbread, and Black Pepper shortbread…
  • Sweet creations: Crispy cream puff, Yogurt pavlova, and truffles.


In the ‘Breads’ collection

  • Buns for take-away and/or dine-in: Corn ball, Traditional sourdough roll, Crystal bun, Original bun…
  • Breads to share: Muesli bread and Old-fashioned loaf.


In the ‘Breakfast’ collection

  • Round waffle, briochette and croissant.


A new ‘Must-Have’ range

Be the first to discover our new ‘Must-Have’ range featuring the timeless classics of restaurant menus: babas, cheesecake, chocolate lava cake, baguette, lemon meringue tartlet…

Our entire sales team is at your disposal for any further information and to introduce you to the creations of your choice with a tasting session.

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