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In July, the stage belongs to summer cocktails! The brightness and freshness of citrus dance with the lightness and originality of a Spritz sorbet.
All dressed in white, Miss Ginger ice cream with candied ginger embodies gourmet nature in June with her scarf of edible flowers. Long live the ice cream cup!!!
A smoothie symphony in May where Violet ice cream waltzes amidst a ballet of red fruits.
In April, the Italian gastronomic buffet set up empirically on a romanesco cabbage will tempt you with its Burrata pesto ice cream draped with serrano ham and accompanied by treasures from the Mediterranean.
Cherry sorbet Pavlova, meringue, and cherry
Linseeds, sometimes called flaxseeds, are very rich in fibres and offer many health benefits. Mixed with vanilla ice cream, more than its well-known cleansing effect, its delicate taste will seduce you.