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Roasted brown linseed ice cream

Palet de fromage blanc, glace au lin

Linseeds, sometimes called flaxseeds, are very rich in fibres and offer many health benefits. Mixed with vanilla ice cream, more than its well-known cleansing effect, its delicate taste will seduce you.

Thanks to its creamy texture, this ice cream is really easy-to-work. The blend of its light brown colour and its black crushed seeds gives character and style to dishes.

Gourmet suggestions:

“Fromage blanc” base covered with blackcurrant coulis and a scoop of roasted brown linseed ice cream.

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Small, plane and oval-shaped, brown linseed is packed-full of Omega 3 essential fats and does not contain any allergens (gluten-free…). These seeds are used in mills, bakeries and biscuits, in the form of crushed grains, topping or mixture.

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